Australian travel

If any of you are interested in reading a great travel blog and seeing video of some amazing Australian landscapes have a look at this blog – (Our Australian Adventure – Blog 2016 with Blake and Brooke who by the way got engaged by a beautiful waterfall)

The 6th Sense


Bring me the flowers of yesterday

Awakening my sense of smell

Carry me down to the still water

Awakening my power of hearing

Lay my body to rest whilst the sun descends

Awakening my visual cortex

Call the dragonflies

So I may touch mother nature

Give me the time to drink from your cup

So I may taste your body

Below the canopy of the rainforest

But most of all let me slip between the sheets of your subconscious

To awaken my mind

Moment of time


I stand before the portal

That exposes the external picture

We created

Which now holds me in a stilled rigid body

In my anesthetized thoughts

I re-live moments of the dark matter

We exposed through energy from distant stars

Opening the gateway into a parallel space-time

A still  life abstract

Before the hiatus changed seasons

Where life was what was supposed to be

When we could see one another on a cleared path

Where the interlude



To become a glimpse

Of what had been

Or what was to come

But not in this hour on earth