Behind the Mental Screen


Rye back beach, Victoria, Australia 2020


Visibility and control is often contained by an emotional frame



The mortal temperate is intense and unrelenting

until internal energy increases reactions

creating a false outlook



The malignant person within

echos the silent warning of regret

within the walls where thoughts

bring things that might happen to life



Unforseen behind the thick canopy of the wild creeping perennial grey matter

imagination begins to snake it’s dark tendrils

similar in texture and composition

to ink splatter across the artists canvas



Here lies within the reality of not being the daffodil or tulip type

but the hidden nightmare

that has been carried for years




To consume what is not ours


Chili.jpg Christmas

A time of joy and togetherness

Where the sun shines beyond comfortable

on one side of earth


where the sky becomes screened with white and grey

on the other

In retrospect

there has been a year

of revolving painful insecurities

leading to turning the other cheek

to a disaster of extinction of flora and fauna

all year round

forgotten at the time of celebration


Recorded music entices blackouts

throughout each man’s castle

at this time of year


Who’s got a hand on the control

Who is in control

when the death toll rises

as sea levels consume the landscape


The exagerated theatrical plays

constantly performed

at the same time each year by political oponents

requesting we believe

there is no change


When it’s gone

there’s no use crying




The challenge of overcoming fear

allowing oneself to get closer to the edge

to summon all that the mind takes exception to


Means crossing an invisible line


Fighting the light that will break the dark

Being lonely amongst others

Is hard to digest


Trust once broken

leaves an emptiness that cannot be filled.

until human contact is made again


How we stay quiet

when the urge to scream becomes overbearing

can be brave – usually a safety valve in the recesses of thought


Unhealthy quiet control

can be like a steam locomotive


Remembering these times

I cry:  Someone loves you


There is a limited amount of time

between the stages in life

childhood………adolesence………. maturity

Milestones that connect and overlap

Threaded dimentions interlocking with other human emotional stages


Repeated painful cycles periodically occuring

over and over

through stages of life that we cannot understand


No proof of their existence

No denial of their existence

Only self testimony after realisation of their existence


If only the badge we place upon ourselves could be changed

We could feel like the goal keeper

Like those who found the warrior within

who learned control





Entrenador Spanish for coach (I hope!)


While reading your letter

I found the purpose behind

the non-verbal approach


The lines of words lead me to believe:


Respect can lead to honesty

Without the need of power over others

Our diversity can lead to the embrace of empathy ………..


The responsibility of human rights belongs to all individuals on earth



Here amongst  the timbered hills of my memories

Winter can lead to penetrating cold when alone


Our dissociation creates an interval

where we question one’s own existence

Turning a page

I realise you have taken the lead

Hoping yourself will be on the same wavelength with those isolated


You have become the student of human affairs

Where you may become the “Entrenador”









Descending into turbulence

searching for a clearing

my mind converting a breath

into a heavy burden


whilst traveling to my lungs


Your unnerving facial expression

exhibiting perpetual criticism

toward human representatives


A public exposure of your disregard

and discontent of those that try and work beside you.

But your crime will be revealed as the solidarity grows

You will be defeated

Australian Indigenous Smoking Ceremony

Smoking ceremoney

I was fortunate to be invited to an Indigenous smoking ceremony to celebrate Living Culture celebrating the incorporation as a NGO.  The ceremony was performed by Adam Maggenis to protect those there against the “spears from other tribes”. It was just before dusk (sorry for the brightness of the setting sun – used my iPhone). It was organised by Lionel Lauch – Living Culture – the Indigenous caretaker of the land at a place called “The Briars” on the Mornington Peninsula.

The smell of the burning native plants representing Mother, Family and the Earth was intoxicating and gave each person there a distinct connection to the natural environment surrounding us.

Later the famous Archie Roach who is of the stolen generation sang a few songs –

Archie Roach‘s live video-