You are not alone

Nueroendocrine cells.jpg

Microscopic view of animal Neuroendocrine cells – regulating the integration between the nervous system and the endocrine system – photo taken during class


The integration of one with another

or half to whole within this continuous existence

Is not enough

major change bestows eqaul oportunity to all

but also allows for false hope


Can an unsung hero create the melding to one entity

within our world after the enemy retreats

There could be a joint collective

where flexibility of movement

with multilateral healing  creates an ebb and return


I wonder if denial of reality while we are sleeping

creates the evolution of sadness as  life becomes too much

We share daydreams and nightmares

like clouds share thunder

creating reflected light

that leaves the belief of  freedom

vanishing with paralysis taking control of our brain


Break free and experience life’s complexity

share with those close to you

You are not alone


Stories of Hope

I am very excited to say the least. Thank you to everyone who has purchased “Stories of Hope”. Your contribution to the WWF and Red Cross will be hugely beneficial to many lives. Plus you get a fantastic read!No photo description available.


Release date for Stories of Hope

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This is a must have e-book, full of wonderful stories written by amazing writers

( I do have a story in there somewhere but not sure I would say I am an amazing writer but I am very humbled to have a story included)

I hope all of you across the world support the release of this book with all proceeds going to WWF Australian Wildlife and Nature recovery fund, and the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

Thank you!

Brobdingnagian (gigantic)

Brindabella range, Canberra iIMG_0504.jpg

Brindabella ranges – bordering new South wales and Canberra, ACT, Australia

Weighed down by environmental influences

Mother earth descends

Facing the edge of the precipice

Where the  overhanging face will be paralysed

Mother earth cries

The influence of institutional power

regulating a floating future

Mother earth dies

With the David and Goliath contest

Between  sub-alpine snow gums surviving frozen wastelands

And political prowess

Determining future generational growth

Mother earth is barren


The Esplanade

Portsea before the storm 17.11.2017.jpg

Portsea, Victoria, Australia, 2018

The execution of the performance left little to desire

Shape shifting

Coloured profiles

Slowly swept across from the west

Tracing a map of the shoreline

The light

Resembling  a many fingered hand


Caressing a forgotten face

With a shadow of fear

New research

New research from Monash Uni Physiology department


Yo-yo dieting and sugary drinks impacting on memory
Monash BDI’s Associate Professor Zane Andrews has received media coverage in two separate stories. An article on Times News Online focused on Associate Professor Andrews’ recent yo-yo dieting research published in Cell Reports in February. He also provided expert commentary on recent research which suggests that sugary drinks appear to have a significant impact on memory in animals, published in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and more.

The AM Visitor

Golden orb 2 a

Golden Orb Spider – Innisfail, Far Nth Queensland, Australia ( was the size of my hand span)



until the rush of the breeze swallows the nothingness


The mountain mist descends from above

graceful and continuous

bringing to mind

the presence

of an elegant guest moving across the dance floor

covering nature’s landscaped moss and stone


leaving in it’s wake

a carpet of sparkled jewels


with hypnotic myriads of colour

illuminating the  cross hairs of the morning visitors web


Golden orb d


Thanks Stephen Hawking!


If you feel like you’re in a black hole, don’t give up, there is a way out

Stephen Hawking 2016 lecture

Image-1 blood moon 31 Jan 2018

                                      Image -Pravin Chandar taken through 2 x Barlow and Sky-watcher telescope