The Art of Time


Student sculpture, zoology education centre, Monash University, Victoria, Australia


Irrelevant but connected time draws us close

to a mindful revelation that perhaps time

is all but some sort of cartoon image

and we are all caught

in the artists’ bare hand

Fallen Poet

This poem was written by a young forgotten Japanese poet named Misuzu Kaneko (April 11, 1903–March 10, 1930).


If I say, “Let’s play?”
you say, “Let’s play!”

If I say, “Stupid!”
you say, “Stupid!”

If I say, “I don’t want to play anymore,”
you say, “I don’t want to play anymore.”

And then, after a while,
becoming lonely

I say, “Sorry.”
You say, “Sorry.”

Are you just an echo?
No, you are everyone.



Moon haze

Moon in the early morning smoke haze – Melbourne, Victoria


Laughter is timeless

Imagination has no age


dreams are forever

  • Walt Disney