Who am I?

Canberra ACT Australia, outside National Gallery

Living in a world on the other side of the mirror

I see our parallel universes – a complete mirror image

with a two way doorway

where transcribers help navigate

decisions made and become

changeable or reversible

I’ve seen particles capable of switching between the two sides

I’ve been torn between the two

watching the mirror of myself

wondering which portrays the best of me

Grade 4.jpg

Grade 4 – (me, front row far left) Happy days

The old school desk

weathered and dark in tint

faded memories

in  carved initials on wooden lids

mask secret lovers messages

left behind

What time is it?


(7DayTale on twitter @BarbAnn )

Day 1 –

A long breath extended. What time is it?

Expectation initiated.

How do I measure the length of time waiting for your entrance?

Day 2 –

I wait, while ‘time’ draws us closer to a place where the revelation that perhaps ‘time’ is all but a structure,

of a cartoon parody moving across a page perpetually,

with the power of the artists bare hand

Day 3 –

Caught moving in time,

floating in our lifeboats,

to the daily, weekly, yearly, movement of others

What time is it? Will the truth be revealed?

Day 4 –

Waiting for the break in time Staying quiet when the urge to scream becomes overbearing

When can I breathe without difficulty?

What time is it?

Day 5 –

Intimate voices whisper within the walls of silence,

creating an associated expanse and a mutual relationship,

of perseption and physical elements.

I wait in this confined space, for the show to begin.

Day 6 –

Are you real?

Are you just the artist?

Watching, waiting for my compliance to join in the illusion when the time is right.

Day 7 –

It’s late

I feel light as a feather

Sunset is upon us

I wonder what time it is

I’m tired of this game

I’m ending the show

When the light fades

Fungi Far Nth Qld AustraliaCanon 13.12.17 589

Qld, Australia, Rainforest (I think they are Clavaria)




of  functional resources

Counter attacked

by the future self

Shackled to the amygdala

Tragedy and disappointment

Handcuff your moves

Until the light fades


Reach out now

Delay the inevitable thoughts

that control each breath and take my hand


For my dear friend Rob



Weather coconut

Etty Bay – Far Nth Queensland, Australia


A particular place

at a particular time draws us closer


Ah – here it is


Changes of appearance that were unobserved for so long




A sign


Indicates a probable occurrence

will be repeated


In a public display