William Ricketts sanctuary, Mount Dandenong Observatory Victoria, Australia

The space between broken lines

dances across stone and moss

creating rainbows in 3D


Wild vibrations

move in synchronization

producing deep evocative laughter

from hidden ghosts


It devours the mind


Psychic energy displaced

within decayed walls

extracts memories

of distorted night time creatures


Multicoloured shapes weave side to side

echoing high pitched, mechanical screams

that escape between the dream worlds


Freezing air cuts deep into flesh

until it bleeds into worn fissures

sending a message

in foreign correspondence


Fracturing the impossible hallucinations

takes corage and belief

in a world beyond normality


Anticipation builds

immediately upon the world’s silence.


Just before dawn breaks

across the barrier of darkness,

the world stops spinning

as the angel of daylight

heralds the arrival

of the opening of the gateway

Book Launch

Image 1 book launch

My heart is bursting!

I have been so fortunate, not only with having a dream come true but to have the support and friendship of awesome people such as Trideep ( T ) and George at Cinque Lire at Monash University.

Friendship is possibly the greatest thing on earth!



What is said, however, by myself or by others, matters little. The important thing, the thing that lies before me, the thing that I have to do, if the brief remainder of my days is not to be maimed, marred, and incomplete, is to absorb into my nature all that has been done to me, to make it part of me, to accept it without complaint, fear, or reluctance. The supreme vice is shallowness. Whatever is realised is right.

Oscar Wilde – part there of “De Profundis”

Thanks Stephen Hawking!


If you feel like you’re in a black hole, don’t give up, there is a way out

Stephen Hawking 2016 lecture

Image-1 blood moon 31 Jan 2018

                                      Image -Pravin Chandar taken through 2 x Barlow and Sky-watcher telescope

Australian Indigenous Smoking Ceremony

Smoking ceremoney

I was fortunate to be invited to an Indigenous smoking ceremony to celebrate Living Culture celebrating the incorporation as a NGO.  The ceremony was performed by Adam Maggenis to protect those there against the “spears from other tribes”. It was just before dusk (sorry for the brightness of the setting sun – used my iPhone). It was organised by Lionel Lauch – Living Culture – the Indigenous caretaker of the land at a place called “The Briars” on the Mornington Peninsula.

The smell of the burning native plants representing Mother, Family and the Earth was intoxicating and gave each person there a distinct connection to the natural environment surrounding us.

Later the famous Archie Roach who is of the stolen generation sang a few songs –

Archie Roach‘s live video-  www.livingculture.com.au