The Esplanade

Portsea before the storm 17.11.2017.jpg

Portsea, Victoria, Australia, 2018

The execution of the performance left little to desire

Shape shifting

Coloured profiles

Slowly swept across from the west

Tracing a map of the shoreline

The light

Resembling  a many fingered hand


Caressing a forgotten face

With a shadow of fear

Biting off more than you can chew


The distinct smell of rainfall on parched ground

Delivers a sensory impression of spring blossom


The voices of summer

Contradict the slight coolness of a soft breeze

Raising the issue of  illusion

Of the magician

That you were


Taking it too far

‘Biting off more than you could chew’

Consuming all

Until all that was left was the mortuary

Of your soul

Fence race

Canberra/NSW border Feb 2018

Follow me

I will lead you to the internal flight of the mind

One of freedom of imagination

Where ignorance can be placed on the scaffold

ready for execution

Opening the reality of acceptance

with creative thoughts

We can


coordinate group intellect

that  will harness compassion

We can

stand tall

centrally within the debris

that the powerful have showered upon us

The earth calls for us to travel together

determined in our resolve for the need

to participate in being one

with the right to be

equal humans on the one planet




Descending into turbulence

searching for a clearing

my mind converting a breath

into a heavy burden


whilst traveling to my lungs


Your unnerving facial expression

exhibiting perpetual criticism

toward human representatives


A public exposure of your disregard

and discontent of those that try and work beside you.

But your crime will be revealed as the solidarity grows

You will be defeated



Moon haze

Moon in the early morning smoke haze – Melbourne, Victoria


Laughter is timeless

Imagination has no age


dreams are forever

  • Walt Disney








Murder within the cryogenics room

I conquered my fear of liquid Nitrogen and received training in cryogenics.

When I returned to my desk I wrote this short piece  – not sure who I was thinking of?

Cryogenic storage chamberIMG_3637

Cryogenics chamber that stores DNA samples

The casting with the hollow cavity measured by discrete methods that had been filled with plaster was now cold and solidified. The plaster cast had the weight of the human that was to be placed inside the outer stainless steel mould plus a volume of liquid nitrogen. Exactly ninety three point five kilo’s. Body weight of ninety one point five plus two point five litres of liquid nitrogen equivalent to 2 kilograms. The body would not be in a state of decomposition but anesthetised to the point of near death. I work as a mould maker in a foundry mainly cleaning up after other co-workers. I observe my co-workers as they melt the aluminium blocks in the ovens with temperatures over 700 degrees. When liquefied the men pour the molten metal within a framework of different shapes or within plaster and polystyrene foam mouldings.

It was on a day when the foundry had been given a special order for a full set of medieval Roman armour that I realised the potential of an aluminium body cast. This included the Roman helmet, leg armour or greaves, shield ornamented with lion’s head and upper body armour or Lorica Segmenta with layered aluminium arm protectors.

My cast would be a design in two pieces, front and back so that the unconscious body would lay inside. I have the means to use a hoist and the ability to weld one side of the front to back. The masterpiece shall have a layered edge along the other side with large hinges that seal tight. A hole in the top at the front will allow me to pour the liquid Nitrogen inside with a screw cap to encase the vapours freezing at minus 195 degrees.

When I want to play I can release the vapour from the top and wait for the moment when I can release the hinges. The waiting will increase the release of the hormone neurotransmitter adrenaline throughout my body increasing my blood pressure so I will be wet with perspiration. It will pulsate through my skin electrifying my heart so that it pounds in my chest. The exhilaration will be overwhelming as the time approaches to unveil what lies within the casket and the potential of a fantasy realised.









Seagull 1

Lucky shot with my Nikon D3400 at Sorrento Victoria, Australia


“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
  “Eleonora” (1841) by Edgar Allan Poe


Parradise beach Rye IMG_0163[1]

Paradise beach Rye, Victoria, Australia

Each twenty four period

From one midnight to the next

Distinguished by the tides

That change with the phases of the moon

Your voice asks for an audience

Triumphantly calling

To those falling

In the precipice

Where they are dicovering

 Life is followed by