A lost World

Dawn signals the opening of the doorway

between future space continuum

and past cataclysmic events

We have become alien

living on our birth home

unable to stop the decay

Ancient graves fill the red zoned landscape

with ingrained stories of old

Finally at the boundary

when light will be lost forever

hope of a new beginning is revealed

Past discretions are written in volumes

of psychological thrillers

where technology organised all intelligence

and made the decisions on the human path taken

Lives were shaped by other people’s choices

that have now destroyed our home world

Stepping forward into the unknown horizon

with the distant red earth in mind

life changes for the brave

Natures magic

Photo taken Far Nth Qld, Australia

I stand in awe

where the wild roses grow

Sweet perfume overwhelms me

enticing me

to surrender

and lay my body down

In between Eves garden flowers

grown over years gone by

with Mother Natures tender touch

there is an impressive display

of bright stars above

that delight the senses

A flash of a shooting star

gives the gift of surprise as the world turns

aligning with the moon

shining it’s soft light down

upon me

It brings the explosion of life

in oceans older than the earth

and coral reefs bursting with colour

Connection with this magic

brings the pleasure of

natures music to share.

After the Tempest

Fire tree.jpg

Canberra ACT, Australia


Hungry flames ignite the landscape

in a raging tempest

 confusion and disorder

create an augmented reality

 reducing all to ash

in a 3-D landscape 

The beast within devouring fuel

until the welcome respite begins 

and life breathes anew

with heaven’s rain


Dark Words


When the sunlight touches my skin

I smell the wildflowers

embracing all extraordinary moments

I surrender to your words

and respect the insight

that reveals the truth

Savouring strange encounters

creates difference beyond expectations

with the flavour of life

beneath the ageless tree that stands beside

cascading white frothed water

the sunlight warms the earth

before the mist and darkness falls

concealing the path back to normalcy

In between, contrasting conditions,

I will weave thoughts

of commanding the guard to subdue you

Until your words

become the ghosts of the past

and the sunlight touches my skin

once more


You are not alone

Nueroendocrine cells.jpg

Microscopic view of animal Neuroendocrine cells – regulating the integration between the nervous system and the endocrine system – photo taken during class


The integration of one with another

or half to whole within this continuous existence

Is not enough

major change bestows eqaul oportunity to all

but also allows for false hope


Can an unsung hero create the melding to one entity

within our world after the enemy retreats

There could be a joint collective

where flexibility of movement

with multilateral healing  creates an ebb and return


I wonder if denial of reality while we are sleeping

creates the evolution of sadness as  life becomes too much

We share daydreams and nightmares

like clouds share thunder

creating reflected light

that leaves the belief of  freedom

vanishing with paralysis taking control of our brain


Break free and experience life’s complexity

share with those close to you

You are not alone


The Art of Time


Student sculpture, zoology education centre, Monash University, Victoria, Australia


Irrelevant but connected time draws us close

to a mindful revelation that perhaps time

is all but some sort of cartoon image

and we are all caught

in the artists’ bare hand

There is a limited amount of time

between the stages in life

childhood………adolesence………. maturity

Milestones that connect and overlap

Threaded dimentions interlocking with other human emotional stages


Repeated painful cycles periodically occuring

over and over

through stages of life that we cannot understand


No proof of their existence

No denial of their existence

Only self testimony after realisation of their existence


If only the badge we place upon ourselves could be changed

We could feel like the goal keeper

Like those who found the warrior within

who learned control






Camellia -The Dandenong ranges, Victoria, Australia


When does one feel a part of life?

When does the need to become perfect dissapear?

When did we get lost in a world of many?

We loose our identity when we follow the need to belong

We loose our identity when we follow the greedy

We loose our identity as the Earth existence is extinguished





Entrenador Spanish for coach (I hope!)


While reading your letter

I found the purpose behind

the non-verbal approach


The lines of words lead me to believe:


Respect can lead to honesty

Without the need of power over others

Our diversity can lead to the embrace of empathy ………..


The responsibility of human rights belongs to all individuals on earth



Here amongst  the timbered hills of my memories

Winter can lead to penetrating cold when alone


Our dissociation creates an interval

where we question one’s own existence

Turning a page

I realise you have taken the lead

Hoping yourself will be on the same wavelength with those isolated


You have become the student of human affairs

Where you may become the “Entrenador”