The AM Visitor

Golden orb 2 a

Golden Orb Spider – Innisfail, Far Nth Queensland, Australia ( was the size of my hand span)



until the rush of the breeze swallows the nothingness


The mountain mist descends from above

graceful and continuous

bringing to mind

the presence

of an elegant guest moving across the dance floor

covering nature’s landscaped moss and stone


leaving in it’s wake

a carpet of sparkled jewels


with hypnotic myriads of colour

illuminating theĀ  cross hairs of the morning visitors web


Golden orb d


Christmas beetles


After a storm Canberra’s (ACT) thoroughfares were covered in these Christmas beetles enjoying time together. Don’t know if they know Christmas is over? Perhaps they are storm chasers? Or perhaps New Year’s celebrations are still continuing? I rather like their colour.