Stories of Hope

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What is said, however, by myself or by others, matters little. The important thing, the thing that lies before me, the thing that I have to do, if the brief remainder of my days is not to be maimed, marred, and incomplete, is to absorb into my nature all that has been done to me, to make it part of me, to accept it without complaint, fear, or reluctance. The supreme vice is shallowness. Whatever is realised is right.

Oscar Wilde – part there of “De Profundis”

Dedicated to Janine

Kookaburra Canberra

What is a single life worth?

one unsigned letter

disclosing the departure

time and date

of termination

The grim reaper waiting by the bedside

for the  release

of self-incrimination

with the final breath


The ones left behind


shaded and downcast

with the realization that

your path is empty

for ever more


New research

New research from Monash Uni Physiology department


Yo-yo dieting and sugary drinks impacting on memory
Monash BDI’s Associate Professor Zane Andrews has received media coverage in two separate stories. An article on Times News Online focused on Associate Professor Andrews’ recent yo-yo dieting research published in Cell Reports in February. He also provided expert commentary on recent research which suggests that sugary drinks appear to have a significant impact on memory in animals, published in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and more.

Fake News

Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus) Victoria, Australia

C  O M  P  A   S  S   I   O   N ?

⇓                                                                                         ⇓  

o       b       u                     e        i        n         b          e

            t        t        c          g        l        f          j           w

      e        a                     m             l         e           s

l        s         t       o                e            a        c

e              e      g         m         n      c        t         t

x       e        d       e                 t              i         i

         d                 n          l          e       s       n        f

                             i          a         d                g         i

                             c         t                                       e

                                        i                                       d 




Thanks Stephen Hawking!


If you feel like you’re in a black hole, don’t give up, there is a way out

Stephen Hawking 2016 lecture

Image-1 blood moon 31 Jan 2018

                                      Image -Pravin Chandar taken through 2 x Barlow and Sky-watcher telescope