Isolation Dreaming

Sinister voices

reach within silent crevices

in synchronization with disfigured fingers

striking chords

across exposed skin

Overwhelming body spasms

take hold

before sleep paralysis

controls escape

Relentless faces

mouthing desperate pleas for help

then feeding on pulsating

hidden fears

Walls rise and fall

twist and turn

inside and out

until up becomes down

The now weightless figures

begin to pass

between rainbow lights

intertwining to become one

corrupt form

Amethyst thorns

tap into the mind

seeking out pathways

to foresee the future

With renewed strength

I open the jade door before me

and follow the vision

of the blue eyed raven in flight

toward a new day


  1. Jaya Avendel · November 11

    To me, this told the tale of many of the thoughts that might wander through living another day in isolation. I love having time myself to reflect and think and let my thoughts take me places. In this piece, I love the tune of the words and the hopeful note it ends on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. barbaraleaver · November 12

    Thanks Jaya. The poem was a collection of thoughts ad dreams that people have told me about over the period of lockdown. I wanted to have a clear ending message of life can blossom again


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