Zodiac Series – poems published

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ASF, Libra – The competition between good and evil

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ASF Virgo,The thief of the underworld

I’m very very excited to announce I will have 2 poems published with Australian Speculative Fiction. They are available on Amazon. Virgo is now in paperback!! The anthologies contain amazing stories from very talented Australian and New Zealand authors – and I’m swimming with the tide!

Travelling to the unknown

IMG_0046 (2)

The moonlight shimmered across the rising tide water

The waves lapped the shoreline

with the wash smoothing the sand

of past footsteps

Days have been numbered

before the minds of the elders

decided if the sights of the city



I drink in the cool sea mist

reclaiming long ago memories

that may be torn away

with the world I have known


Friends and strangers connect with silent stares

all too afraid to ask

‘Are we there yet?’


Every person’s journey to this point

an unwanted reality or a happy confrontation

Different with past experiences

but now we are on the same path


All that is left here on the path

is the spirit of survival

whilst an outsider, minor few

decide the fate of many


It’s time for me to choose

isolation and turn away

or give my life with the many

on the dreaded roller-coaster

before my travels are over