What time is it?


(7DayTale on twitter @BarbAnn )

Day 1 –

A long breath extended. What time is it?

Expectation initiated.

How do I measure the length of time waiting for your entrance?

Day 2 –

I wait, while ‘time’ draws us closer to a place where the revelation that perhaps ‘time’ is all but a structure,

of a cartoon parody moving across a page perpetually,

with the power of the artists bare hand

Day 3 –

Caught moving in time,

floating in our lifeboats,

to the daily, weekly, yearly, movement of others

What time is it? Will the truth be revealed?

Day 4 –

Waiting for the break in time Staying quiet when the urge to scream becomes overbearing

When can I breathe without difficulty?

What time is it?

Day 5 –

Intimate voices whisper within the walls of silence,

creating an associated expanse and a mutual relationship,

of perseption and physical elements.

I wait in this confined space, for the show to begin.

Day 6 –

Are you real?

Are you just the artist?

Watching, waiting for my compliance to join in the illusion when the time is right.

Day 7 –

It’s late

I feel light as a feather

Sunset is upon us

I wonder what time it is

I’m tired of this game

I’m ending the show