Step out – Be Brave

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I am excited beyond words!

Hidden Truth

Sassafras – The Dandenongs, Victoria, Australia


Take me into the woods

there’s no escape from the recreation of the dark mind

I want to reclaim our lost ground


The endless forest will be Soul cleansing

Can you baptise me with no reason or rhyme

then submerge and counterbalance the desire

with the rain

that will change the circumstance of loss


You want to remodel

restore and reinvent?

Now is the time to shower me with insight and logic

so I may see the truth behind your veil



Fungus tree.jpg


A tangled chaos

A hodgepodge of debris

Left behind after the demolition

How can I measure the length of your piece of string

When will you finally show me the end

When can I breathe without difficulty



What is said, however, by myself or by others, matters little. The important thing, the thing that lies before me, the thing that I have to do, if the brief remainder of my days is not to be maimed, marred, and incomplete, is to absorb into my nature all that has been done to me, to make it part of me, to accept it without complaint, fear, or reluctance. The supreme vice is shallowness. Whatever is realised is right.

Oscar Wilde – part there of “De Profundis”