Publication date!


Wombat boy August 2019.jpgMy inspiration -Otis paul

News Flash – publication date of my children’s book …… is……. 30th October 2019!!!!!!
More news to come.
A HUGE ‘thank you’ to all the amazing people who have given their support to this and a special ‘Thank you’ to Austin Macauley publishers for believing in my book.🥳
A big Hug to my wonderful grandson Otis who inspired me to write the book and inspires me everytime I see him XXX



Camellia -The Dandenong ranges, Victoria, Australia


When does one feel a part of life?

When does the need to become perfect dissapear?

When did we get lost in a world of many?

We loose our identity when we follow the need to belong

We loose our identity when we follow the greedy

We loose our identity as the Earth existence is extinguished