Light, shade, dark


Worthy opponents in life

trying to resist the hurdles that were placed before us

choosing crossroad opposites whenever possible


We are all contenders in a contest that never ends

Until we follow the Light, shade, dark


A single element in the matrix becomes a game changer

We are all born soldiers,

born to die

Taught to fight for survival as we enter the light of day

Then the matrix begins, rows upon rows of decisions

defining whether you stand alone

or  look for support in stagnated buildings searching for answers


Look outside beyond the constricted boundaries and see that life leads to life to death


What will you take with you

Will you decide in time




Lake Burley Griffin Canberra, Australia 2019



for failure to commit to irrational control

Waxed alien figures testified to the board

 with words of clear intent

False evidence justified

Condemnation and discontent enforced

by needlessly enforced rules

Unwanted flesh and bones

walk a created desolated path

Weeping whispers

linger amidst fallen ash

The real criminal

stands before a burdened flock

with company stakeholders

tracking the flock as they bend

Desolate spectators beyond the walls assemble

listening as power lines grow

within the shaded walls

A wielded axe clears the way

in order to obtain  intended targets

Heads bow

not out of respect

but from admission of defeat

Silence enfolds the crowd

 Fallen angels

cloaked in the Raven’s obsidian plumage

release sombre calls

through the dead wood.