Leaving for Siberia

Clouds IMG_20160515_082113.jpg

“For a friend”

The comingĀ  mindful winter

brought on due to

circumstances at a point in time

offers a solitary existence

where peace can be restored

Thoughts of Siberia

bring clarity

from sensory overload

Where natures voice projects hypnotic sound waves

in a place of exile

The vast canvas becomes imbued with pale colours

as the wave reaches the summit

Self imposed


creates a block out from past events

The mind exists in another dimension

Oblivion becomes the saviour

Forgotten in the folds of time

Old homestead 2018

Regeneration after the decline


Compliant figures leave dissatisfied

intimate voices receding

Into silence

as the rust attracts power


Containment was impossible whilst greed

controlled the minds

of constitutional beliefs


The burning

like a candle at both ends

arranged no compromise


Extermination continued

with an inevitable consequence