Be Brave

bee on magnolia

Native bee on a Magnolia



without direction


Feeling distant with a surrounding barrier

invisible to those that cross



without control

knocked out

for surrender

to the passion

that leads to destruction


Guilty of mistakes

that lead to fateful fears and tears


Dreams shattered


Lives  connected

with soulful messages

to the collective


When the views of the population change the views of management change

Systems will change

Agreements can be made

Be brave


Brobdingnagian (gigantic)

Brindabella range, Canberra iIMG_0504.jpg

Brindabella ranges – bordering new South wales and Canberra, ACT, Australia

Weighed down by environmental influences

Mother earth descends

Facing the edge of the precipice

Where the  overhanging face will be paralysed

Mother earth cries

The influence of institutional power

regulating a floating future

Mother earth dies

With the David and Goliath contest

Between  sub-alpine snow gums surviving frozen wastelands

And political prowess

Determining future generational growth

Mother earth is barren


The Esplanade

Portsea before the storm 17.11.2017.jpg

Portsea, Victoria, Australia, 2018

The execution of the performance left little to desire

Shape shifting

Coloured profiles

Slowly swept across from the west

Tracing a map of the shoreline

The light

Resembling  a many fingered hand


Caressing a forgotten face

With a shadow of fear