Seagull 1

Lucky shot with my Nikon D3400 at Sorrento Victoria, Australia


“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
  “Eleonora” (1841) by Edgar Allan Poe

Calling the ancestors


Cape Schanck, Victoria- Public Guided Walk – Bushrangers Bay·
Hosted by Lionel Lauch LivingCulture 

Had an amazing 4 hour walk down the coast on the Peninsula, Victoria with Lionel Lauch listening to stories of his Indigenous heritage and learning about natural medicines and food that can be gathered from our land. The website is http://www.livingculture.com.au. The walk ended with Lionel playing his didgeridoo calling his ancestors to join us in a mindfulness meditation which has left an indelible memory!


Parradise beach Rye IMG_0163[1]

Paradise beach Rye, Victoria, Australia

Each twenty four period

From one midnight to the next

Distinguished by the tides

That change with the phases of the moon

Your voice asks for an audience

Triumphantly calling

To those falling

In the precipice

Where they are dicovering

 Life is followed by