Life after the storm

Twisted wwod.jpg

Unnaturally motivated currents of air

force life out of shape


Where they have inflicted their sadistic adventures of unknown proportion


Left in their wake –

frenzied, distorted images

flowing like cooled lava along the eerie carriageway

of destruction


Contorted objects that once stood erect

now strange

convoluted beautiful artworks

sharing intimate embraces

Memories of a friend never forgotten

Mural painted on hospice wall


Once again

I feel your presence

a vibrant personality


creating another character

impersonating the lead

from a best selling novel


masquerading with symbols and lettered monogram

treading the boards

in flamboyant costume dress

reproducing a travesty


a grotesque representation of another life

a perversion exaggerated

for the created audience

the ending


a farewell

always returning

with no regrets

just dissatisfaction

and self-accusation

at being drawn into role playing


when questioned


keeping secrets hidden

between clouds

in nonfictional memories