The prefrontal cortex covers the frontal lobe of your brain -when you activate this area by a simple meditation you can achieve self control of negative thoughts changing your life.

This can be achieved with simple breathing exercises – similar to yoga (without the exercise). I am a firm believer that this technique is extremely beneficial to everyone.

This was taught to me 3 months ago and I have used it during times of lets say annoyance at other people and I have to deal with a lot of people 5 days a week!

It has allowed me to stop for a brief amount of time and deal with situations, in a way that is less stressful to myself.




Try these simple steps:

Breathe in and out

Allow yourself to listen and think of  the next breath -(this takes practice but in time can be achieved at any moment)

Breathe in and feel the air filling your lungs-

Feel the expansion of your chest and diaphragm –

Then breathe out –

Feel the air move from your lungs and out through your mouth or nose (whichever is most comfortable for you)

(Your mind will wander with thoughts of daily stress or commitments etc)

When thoughts drift –

concentrate and bring your thoughts back to a breath –

Concentrate on the sensation of the rise and fall of your chest –

Think of the diaphragm expanding and contracting –

The feel of the air entering your body


This is your moment!


Take 5 minutes or however long in your day to create your breath time

Reactivate your mind!


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