Change begins

Expelling a mass ejection

not unlike a solar flare

toward the stratosphere

With expected


Salvation within

our shaky grasp

on tenuous


The carousal



awakening of originality

The Tempest


The tempest begins


Within the walls of the mind

Rapid changes to an emptiness

Without return in sight

You delve into the deepest crevices

Akin to fingers searching in soft earth

Until the green mist envelopes and controls –

With thoughts no longer lucid

Every word you write

Breathes hostility

Words used with intensity to amplify

 The sound of internal screaming

With reflected echo

Washing across years of doubt

Creating a decayed shadowed darkness

With empty sharpness

A sweeping touch of sweet competitive power

Through my thoughts

Until my fortitude weakens

Now I have succumbed to the madness of jealousy