Tears from the soul

The vanity

exposes self proclamation

of being the Illuminati

glorifying external ostentatiousness

even when the bloodline of defense is in your eyes

illustrating the dark lineage

drawing the believer

within the depths

To the well of tears

 at the point of original sin

hidden in the darkness

with only the echo of your heart

as a  lone pebble entering that depth

releasing the voices of past disappointment

revealing a bound soul

to the past


Your presence is felt

before your existence is revealed

Our two souls destined

for highs and lows

Amongst the jungle

of human procreation

A metaphysical connection

time streamed

Drifting from one flight to another

With the trajectory of an expelled arrow

Accelerated gravitational waves

drawing us together

Separating only for fate to intervene

Spinning thought energy

into physical being


As a requisition

Prepaid before birth