Charles Wood – Author, Illustrator and Documentary Filmmaker

I wanted to share these images that are displayed in my doctors surgery. I have been sick – obviously why I was at the doctors. I have to admit though that the whole time I was there having my O2 levels checked and between long slow breaths in and out for the lung wheezing check with the stethoscope by my very caring doctor (Lydia) my eyes were drawn to each picture with it’s, what I would call – holistic message. There were many more pictures than what I have shown here. They were drawn with love and the hope they would bring happiness to children that enter the surgery by my doctors husband, Author Charles Wood.

Well, they made me smile even though I wasn’t feeling that motivated to smile when I entered the room. I also had the great urge to start colouring in the pics of Koalas, kangaroos and platypus! Just as well there were no crayons in sight!

Charles Wood is and author, illustrator, director, scriptwriter and many more things including a father of four children whom he raised on his own for 20 years. He is in the process of writing another novel. His previous novel was Another Somerset Century, Halsgrove, September 2013 about the Somerset country cricket club. I admit I haven’t read it but I was told on good authority by my doctor that it is very humerous and so intend to get a copy.

Lets hope that Charles will continue with his illustrations and produce books in this vein with the view to having books in a hospital near you so children all over the world can enjoy perhaps colouring in and reading the humorous messages.

This is also for all the creative people out there – Always remember when you are having one of those doubting days, where you don’t feel very upbeat with what you have produced, that someone in the world WILL get pleasure from what you have created.

Charles Wood cartoon IMG_20160321_120444

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Proverb of the day

Arabic proverb for the day

آخر المعروف ينضرب بالكفوف

Akher el maarouf yenderib bel kofouf

Translation: In return for a favour, he was slapped in the face.


This was sent to me by a Muslim friend and it was befitting to a situation I faced recently:


In the moment

With a fellow human in distress



Donating my time

Without question

Or expectation

Of a return gesture

With resulting consequences

Flowing  positive energy

To the respective individual



The denial was swift

Like a carnival knife in the back