The Weaver

The weaver’s figure

Exhibits consumed attention

Interlacing threads

Forming a combined element

Introducing old folklore

Into a material musical composition

Creating a woven fine picture

That dances

Side to side

Blending the association of weave and song

Into a passionate


Death Cafe

Haunted houseOn entering the woodland burial ground

All conscious thoughts

Rational and emotional

Will be depleted

The permanent cessation of heartbeat

Greeted by the shrouded govenor

With outstretched skeletal fingers

Holding the blood red Osiria rose

The key to entering

The death cafe

For the occasion of your loss of life

And into the afterlife

Still Life

A deserted broken house

The empty wicker chair

Exposed to wind and rain

Hard soled boots

With dry, cracked collars

Lay abandoned

The untended overgrown garden

Strangled with thistles

Magnolia flowers in full bloom

Contrast the dusty gray

A Still Life

A representation of past and present

A blueprint made ready many years ago

The ending

Creating the beginning

Of a new type of existence

Where nothing comes free

A Poet’s rendition

IMG_0499The performance of the written word

In translation

Creates distorted voices transposing converstaion

Into a time delayed sequence

Having the characteristics

Of a narrow street moving into a distant horizon

The illusionist stimulating the mind

Giving the reader the penchant for indulgence

Exciting the ravenous needs

And awakening hidden desires

For the propitious reverie

And conception

Of the poet’s rendition

In modern voice

Metamorphic (palindrome)

Set variables
Created change in expression
Fragmented moments Stirring breakdown
Amended appearance Shifting consciousness
Allowed visual context Transforms state of mind
From dramatic actor To comedic performance
Freedom without The chameleon dancing
Within the forest
The forest within
The chameleon dancing without freedom
To comedic performance From dramatic actor
State of mind transforms Visual context allowed
Consciousness shifting Appearance amended
Breakdown stirring Moments fragmented
Expression in change created
Variables set

How plastic is your brain?

Here’s a conundrum told by an eight year old boy, the son of a colleague. Time yourself, use a stop watch or clock to see how long it takes you to figure out the correct answer. perhaps write down (as I did) where your thoughts go. As a fellow writer I expect it will go to the lengths that my thoughts went – way beyond the obvious and into varied directions.

Here goes

There is a round castle

Inside the castle there are 4 people

I person, the guard is dead

There is the cook, the baker and the maid

The cook says she was in the kitchen cooking, the baker says he was in the baking room baking bread and the maid says she was cleaning the corners

Who out of these 3 people killed the guard?

My mind went straight to where was the guard found, how was he killed, what was he wearing etc etc then the thought process went to why the guard was killed – who was having an affair with who, was there money involved etc etc.

I started to create stories within stories for each character and for why there were no other characters and so on.

I didn’t think of the obvious!

Did you?

Down by the River

Number 3 picDown by the river

Where the Ibis search

Decaying bones

Of past Warriors

That fought in desperation lay

Their ashes blackening

Penetrating the soil surface

Linking to the



Sounds that betray

The Machiavellian Reaper

Who waits behind

A mask

Of decaying wood

planning his next move

Along the forest floor

That leads to