Stone Throw

Deliver the stone into the watercourse

Watch the ripple effect


And truth


Exposure to internal pain

Intricate memories

Haunting an introverted personality

Drunken hours

Spent in panic

Trying to forget

Waking to the realization

That time does not heal

The scars that were left

Solitude and silence

The haven


From the triggers

Producing reactions

In everyday life

The reminders of inadequacy

And disregard from


Blood In The Water

Dancing Flamingoes


Gracefully moving toward each


In a simulated sequence

The one

Who cannot

Be seen

Leaves blood in the water


The crowd

So the seeker cannot
Find them

For they know there has been

A plan of execution

Laid down


The garden of Eden

Life Script

1428217589651   Waking in the shadow of oneself

Wandering aimlessly

Following in the footsteps

Previously tread

A hedonistic life show


So viewers cannot see within

The characters that surround

To follow the same script

With shallow changes to routine

                                                                                        To the ever

                                                                                                                             Black and white world

Over The Rainbow

Refracted light through the prism

Displays layered colours

Of a rainbow

On a platform below

We can consume the light

From the sun

And create  a visually

Exotic platform of our own

As the prism

Allows our perception of the inbetween

Become reality

Sight    –    Sound    –     Smell

And taste

Will merge into overlapping colours

Initiating our spiritual selves

Through hidden energy channels

Within the paradox

Divorcing perceptibility from reality

Into conjoined

Alpha brain waves

The visitor

IMG_20150507_083521The visitor

Like clock work

Following a regimented timetable

From the island of dreams


The fractured fantasy

Within mist softly falling


Ancient Cycads

Spreading their leaves

Exposing a naked crown

To be placed upon

The head of

The dead

Encased in a white shroud

For the journey beyond


The Marathon Runner




Reliance on long


Muscular legs

Propelling them forwards

Through physical pain

Stressing every fibre

Lactic acid build up

Sapping Oxygen

Mental dexterity

Emerging through doubt

With neuronal plasticity

And the acumen

Of an eagle in flight

For the discernment

That the finish line is nigh

Can you see me

Quantum theory

May explain the nature of matter

And behaviour

Of physicality

But Will you see me

Within the world’s exterior foliage

Or will I be

A shadow memory

Of yours

Immeasurably extended

Through space or time

Diphylleia grayi

Skeleton Flower

Turning transparent in the rain

Joining us to dead people

in the present

Searching for existence

in the past

As the future looks on

the industrious nature

of those that have passed

Is lost underground

A stone marks the spot

Where we can view the flowers

And remember your name.


CrossroadOne point

Of no return

To Obscurity

One right of passage

To a defining moment

One point

To insecurity

One point to past mistakes

A pivotal experience

At an appointed hour

I stand


Once again

At the reproduced scenario

An abstract storyline

of my life