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Here it is folks: It’s A Kind Of Magic: A Flash Fiction Anthology.

Coming September 2023, featuring quick bites of magical delight from:

Barbara Smith

Louise Lannink

Adelae Guevara

S.M. Kemmett

Elisha K Habermann

Matthew R. Davis

William Robertson

Melanie Ifield

Mendel Mire

Kevin Anderson

Karen Bayly

Anthony Ferguson

Issy Jinarmo

Leanbh Pearson

Leonie Rogers

TC Phillips


To Whom it may concern

To whom it may concern

Will you listen without inflicting torment?

Will you understand the suffering that comes from within?

Will you take note of the self-torture inflicted?

I have sacrificed by putting others first

I have felt chaotic emotions take hold

I have believed in trust only to be knocked down

You say all is above me

You say others are worth more than me

You say I cannot perform while others can

I see your impenetrable exterior bubble

I see the disconnection of your emotional side

I see the darkness cover you

Rescue me

The end of my existence

In a clearing beyond city evolution

there are no humans

just engravings carved into dead wood

An unknown bent and weathered creature sits in a clearing

content in nature

at the end of a flat base of a tree torn down by past roaring winds

‘Don’t put the blame on humans’, I shout

without affinity to what lies beyond

The creature pulls a pocket watch from a rock crevice beside it’s particulate body

‘Time for tea’, it growls

The world before me transforms into an asymmetrical buffet table

Before me I see another twisted creature

dressed in red with a top hat to match

It throws Ceylon tea leaves into the sky above

creating an island surrounded by a raging sea

This creature leans forward with a wide smile

‘Mistakes cannot be changed or replaced

– criminality which brings black snow falling from ash filled heights

cannot be forgiven or reversed with a slice of sponge cake’

With little time to digest what is before me

I feel guilty

I am dressed in rich human clothes

My long existing human tea party is over

The creature changes shape

with a wave of it’s forearm

it turns into – from memory –

what appears to be a type of gnome

The now Mad Hatter gnome takes control

of living senses

tearing down the corporate walls of earth and mankind.

My thoughts and forms of past events fall away.

I am alone

born again

into solitude.

The keeper of the stone

I hear the whispers,

stage whispers,

spoken to another in the wood of the floor, above the crystal grid

loud enough that I feel the vexation from within

It was here in the Midnight Hotel, Room 13, where the keeper of the stone vanished

leaving behind a cluster of displeased voices

and a knot of corn flowers

I feel the intensity with the coven’s agitation growing

Knowing the natural cycle of life and death will be torn apart

I eat the seeds of the cornflower and enhance my psychic awakening

bringing forth an inner storm To find the truth

Dancing lights surround me

Knock, knock, knock

I hear you

The night manager steps through the shimmering door of room 13

Glowing eyes reveal your presence in an inhumane way

The night manager’s body quivers drawing the air from my body

The whispers stop

My mind explodes and I fall

Weathered iced fingers reach up

between crystal grid lines

drawing my body down

Knock, knock, knock

Whispers become toned voices

sharing knowledge long forgotten

from pagan times

I am the Guardian of the stone

I am the one who will change the future

within the Midnight Hotel

where the wildlings spare those

who believe in the old Gods

Tears from the sky

Hidden in blinding madness

the soul gathers the weapons to fight

to defend attacks from outside the physical

Opposing action is weigh laid

by the force of will to defend

an urgent request

from the intuitive recognition of previous defeat

I cry while the rain floods the earth

– biology forced into overdrive

through the destruction

of the natural world

Fly Away – the voice in my head whispers

Shallow thoughts follow the migratory birds above me

forming their linear formations

Spasms of wishful thinking toward the next life with wings

overtake the physical earthly concerns

of human disrespect and self absorption

The birds anticipate each others’ movements

inviting fellow birds of the same kind to join and follow

I think I’d like to be an albatross

soaring through air currents atop high sea

connecting to the spiritual realm

gliding through changes independent from emotions

bludgeoned upon me

Past trauma repeated

again and again and again

with the curtain raising before the emotional opera begins

then ending with one lonely soul bowing to an empty theatre

Unable to escape the mindless vandalism

the curtains close hiding the inevitable

The birds fly away

Who am I?

Canberra ACT Australia, outside National Gallery

Living in a world on the other side of the mirror

I see our parallel universes – a complete mirror image

with a two way doorway

where transcribers help navigate

decisions made and become

changeable or reversible

I’ve seen particles capable of switching between the two sides

I’ve been torn between the two

watching the mirror of myself

wondering which portrays the best of me

Review – Beckoning of the Gate by Benjamin J Ryan

The debut novel ‘Beckoning of the Gate’ by Australian writer Benjamin J. Ryan is an intriguing and well written story. It brings to life a strong female lead by the name of Santha Lathagin who overcomes major obstacles of human depravity, malicious Fae and the eldritch realm of magick.
The Vāyilian Threads Book 1 draws the reader in with the great character build of Santha where she struggles to find herself in the human world and then comes across the Fae key that turns her life upside down. She is then taken on a quest to find the gates of the faerie lands and help the Fae get home.
This fantasy story is fantastic and a hard put down. The ever present beasts are brought to life in such a way that the reader almost feels their presence.
The ending brings the cast of characters together in such a way that it leaves you wanting more.
Definitely a book to be read! I hope the second book is travelling well to publication.

I recommend reading this great story

Goodreads link:…

Changing view

Walk the length of past and present

with the intent to improve the future

Use your imagination to restore cultural land

that was born in peace

Develop along the way

thoughtful protection stories and poems

that will change the narrative

Along the way build the framework

of colours that soften the view

Within this frame capture yourself

flying above the darkness towards

soft edged clouds

the colour of fresh snow

Share the scene with those that surround you

The future is within sight

in the framed picture of your life.

When the music calls

Monash University auditorium

The stage is set

Lights fade creating shadowy figures

moving between empty chairs

Cello bows rise in unison

while the viola brings forth it’s inner voice

The soft melody pulls

repressed emotions form past loss

whilst the song of the rhythm stick exposes your true nature

from my mind

Resounding drumming resonates

through your spirit world

and into my soul

Escape is a vanishing idea

with reality questioned

Age has worn my whole being

the music draws me forward

I surrender to the unknown embrace