The AM Visitor

Golden orb 2 a

Golden Orb Spider – Innisfail, Far Nth Queensland, Australia ( was the size of my hand span)



until the rush of the breeze swallows the nothingness


The mountain mist descends from above

graceful and continuous

bringing to mind

the presence

of an elegant guest moving across the dance floor

covering nature’s landscaped moss and stone


leaving in it’s wake

a carpet of sparkled jewels


with hypnotic myriads of colour

illuminating the  cross hairs of the morning visitors web


Golden orb d



Thanks Stephen Hawking!


If you feel like you’re in a black hole, don’t give up, there is a way out

Stephen Hawking 2016 lecture

Image-1 blood moon 31 Jan 2018

                                      Image -Pravin Chandar taken through 2 x Barlow and Sky-watcher telescope

Australian Indigenous Smoking Ceremony

Smoking ceremoney

I was fortunate to be invited to an Indigenous smoking ceremony to celebrate Living Culture celebrating the incorporation as a NGO.  The ceremony was performed by Adam Maggenis to protect those there against the “spears from other tribes”. It was just before dusk (sorry for the brightness of the setting sun – used my iPhone). It was organised by Lionel Lauch – Living Culture – the Indigenous caretaker of the land at a place called “The Briars” on the Mornington Peninsula.

The smell of the burning native plants representing Mother, Family and the Earth was intoxicating and gave each person there a distinct connection to the natural environment surrounding us.

Later the famous Archie Roach who is of the stolen generation sang a few songs –

Archie Roach‘s live video-

The Tempest

The tempest has passed

now the world waits

while the few decide to pick up the pieces

or turn away from ending a cyclic event

drowning our minds with neglectful promises

of the never after

Human democracy

speaks loudly

of the fallen

but human diplomacy

cannot reach the point

where the never ending doesn’t begin again


Lake Burley Griffin Yarralumla Canberra

Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, ACT Australia January 2018



Canberra – near Lake Burley Griffin 2018


“If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking.” Budda

When the light fades

Fungi Far Nth Qld AustraliaCanon 13.12.17 589

Qld, Australia, Rainforest (I think they are Clavaria)




of  functional resources

Counter attacked

by the future self

Shackled to the amygdala

Tragedy and disappointment

Handcuff your moves

Until the light fades


Reach out now

Delay the inevitable thoughts

that control each breath and take my hand


For my dear friend Rob



Weather coconut

Etty Bay – Far Nth Queensland, Australia


A particular place

at a particular time draws us closer


Ah – here it is


Changes of appearance that were unobserved for so long




A sign


Indicates a probable occurrence

will be repeated


In a public display