Grade 4.jpg

Grade 4 – (me, front row far left) Happy days

The old school desk

weathered and dark in tint

faded memories

in  carved initials on wooden lids

mask secret lovers messages

left behind

Isolation Dreaming

Sinister voices

reach within silent crevices

in synchronization with disfigured fingers

striking chords

across exposed skin

Overwhelming body spasms

take hold

before sleep paralysis

controls escape

Relentless faces

mouthing desperate pleas for help

then feeding on pulsating

hidden fears

Walls rise and fall

twist and turn

inside and out

until up becomes down

The now weightless figures

begin to pass

between rainbow lights

intertwining to become one

corrupt form

Amethyst thorns

tap into the mind

seeking out pathways

to foresee the future

With renewed strength

I open the jade door before me

and follow the vision

of the blue eyed raven in flight

toward a new day

After the Tempest

Fire tree.jpg

Canberra ACT, Australia


Hungry flames ignite the landscape

in a raging tempest

 confusion and disorder

create an augmented reality

 reducing all to ash

in a 3-D landscape 

The beast within devouring fuel

until the welcome respite begins 

and life breathes anew

with heaven’s rain


Haunting Memories

Isolated on a self made island shore

survival becomes an individual necessity

Creepy illusions disturb the ether

haunting the dark edges

threatening pain and suffering

Yet – there is still a reverence for those caught

in the in-between worlds

Intense internal trepidation

causes a physical response

with sleep deprivation disturbing internal clocks

It is when there is all and nothing

which brings the stage of fright

and awareness of not being alone

Within this dream state

unknown worlds become known

with haunting memories taking the fore

Standing at the intersection of

our own secret esoteric crossroad

The question arises:

‘Do we step forward abandoning freedom

or wake to our vocalised scream?’

New Black & White Illustrations

My grandson Otis Paul (1st book written for him – ‘Otis Paul & Harry the Hairy Echidna)

Dragon lizard or Gecko?

The Wren or Parrot?

Australian Eucalypt Gum leaves

I love the Australian bush. I also love our Botanic Gardens especially the one in Canberra plus the café there has great coffee and cake! For those people contemplating a trip to Oz make sure you get to see our wonderful gardens – that is when travel is permitted.

Take care of yourself and others.

New Picture Book in the works

My drawing (for my next children’s book) with Digital artwork by Sarena Flanigan (

To anyone who is interested in picture books – like agents – or anyone who wants to give feedback. It’s a long road for a writer. Sometimes you get lucky, other times it becomes a hard slog to keep going. I’m upping the ante so to speak and finally sharing some of my artwork – I am being brave!

Original water colour ideas for the book

A few odd drawings of first draft of story

Lunch time at work and no drawing pad so had to use my diary!

Not a great photo but inspiration was there!

Another lunch time at work – the diary comes in handy some days!

Those shadows will not disappear

Empty Spaces


Monash University 2020 – Covid 19

The unconscious presence

of a non-existent footprint,

slows things down temporarily

allowing the mindset

to evaluate the value of human touch

Zodiac Series – poems published

Image may contain: text that says 'LIBRA LIBRA BY THE ZODIAC SPECULATIVE FICTION INSPIRED Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Zodiac FEATURING 'The Scales Always Balance' by LJ McLeod Damascena, Thorn of Lore! by Cage 'The Invisible scale. by Kel E. Fox "When Themis Does Not Return by Munir Tabassum Ahmed The Compet Competition Between Good and by Barbara Smith AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED Evi SUBMISSIONS STILL OPEN EDITED BY AUSTIN 已 SHEEHAN ผWW. .aussiespeculativefiction EELENA MEADLEY com'
ASF, Libra – The competition between good and evil

Image may contain: text that says '2lodz erou VIRGO INSPIRED ZODIAC VIRGO ULATIVE TION M Speculative Fiction Inspired the Zodiac FEATURING Brianna Bullen Zoey. Austin. Sheehan Helena McAuley Deeanna West K.B Elijah Eva Leppard Sasha Hanton Stephen Herczeg Nikky Lee Lee Maddie Jensen Morscheck Barbara SHEEHAN EDITED BY MIKHAEYLA aussiespeculativefiction. Cocrela lolz COMING SOON'
ASF Virgo,The thief of the underworld

I’m very very excited to announce I will have 2 poems published with Australian Speculative Fiction. They are available on Amazon. Virgo is now in paperback!! The anthologies contain amazing stories from very talented Australian and New Zealand authors – and I’m swimming with the tide!