Dedicated to Janine

Kookaburra Canberra

What is a single life worth?

one unsigned letter

disclosing the departure

time and date

of termination

The grim reaper waiting by the bedside

for the  release

of self-incrimination

with the final breath


The ones left behind


shaded and downcast

with the realization that

your path is empty

for ever more



Fence race

Canberra/NSW border Feb 2018

Follow me

I will lead you to the internal flight of the mind

One of freedom of imagination

Where ignorance can be placed on the scaffold

ready for execution

Opening the reality of acceptance

with creative thoughts

We can


coordinate group intellect

that  will harness compassion

We can

stand tall

centrally within the debris

that the powerful have showered upon us

The earth calls for us to travel together

determined in our resolve for the need

to participate in being one

with the right to be

equal humans on the one planet




Descending into turbulence

searching for a clearing

my mind converting a breath

into a heavy burden


whilst traveling to my lungs


Your unnerving facial expression

exhibiting perpetual criticism

toward human representatives


A public exposure of your disregard

and discontent of those that try and work beside you.

But your crime will be revealed as the solidarity grows

You will be defeated


Sunset St Andrews beach

Rye back beach, Victoria, Australia 2018



request to be different

to walk this earth beyond expectations

my highs and lows not conceptually bound by human rules

To be breath taking at any given moment

and dangerous when confronted

Whilst still retaining soft edges

and a comforting voice

that can be carried by the breeze

Your mechanical life

beckons my outward appearance

to soften your emotions







New research

New research from Monash Uni Physiology department


Yo-yo dieting and sugary drinks impacting on memory
Monash BDI’s Associate Professor Zane Andrews has received media coverage in two separate stories. An article on Times News Online focused on Associate Professor Andrews’ recent yo-yo dieting research published in Cell Reports in February. He also provided expert commentary on recent research which suggests that sugary drinks appear to have a significant impact on memory in animals, published in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and more.



Moon haze

Moon in the early morning smoke haze – Melbourne, Victoria


Laughter is timeless

Imagination has no age


dreams are forever

  • Walt Disney








Words without meaning


Canberra ACT Australia sunset (Telstra tower in the distance)


from those in high places

are like water down the river

on a page

Segments of lines


 where you read between

A stream of text

with a line of expletives

Like foreign objects appearing at random

Painting over the foundation

of the original verse

so that identification is hidden