Australian travel

If any of you are interested in reading a great travel blog and seeing video of some amazing Australian landscapes have a look at this blog – (Our Australian Adventure – Blog 2016 with Blake and Brooke who by the way got engaged by a beautiful waterfall)

Steps along the way

Melbourne City, Australia

Melb lunch


Sunday lunch

within the alleyway

listening to the casual

sounds of mellow music

reminding me of past



Breathing the air around me

the scents bringing forth

childhood and adolescent


permanently etched

from life with you

holding hands


“I love you daddy”





Endangered Cassowary, Etty Bay far Nth Qld, Australia



an elliptical course

perhaps of cryptic verse

returning to the original word


space, time continuum

with countless particles

orbiting within the rings of Saturn

you walk along your own

continuous pathway

forever searching

unable to change course

due to instinctive drive

automatically inherited

from ancestors

buried deep within the earth

walked upon


Conscious thought


Monash 1.jpg

New teaching/learning building Monash University, Melbourne, Australia


Until you make the unconscious, conscious

It will direct your life

And you will call it fate.

Carl Yung

Life after the storm

Twisted wwod.jpg

Unnaturally motivated currents of air

force life out of shape


Where they have inflicted their sadistic adventures of unknown proportion


Left in their wake –

frenzied, distorted images

flowing like cooled lava along the eerie carriageway

of destruction


Contorted objects that once stood erect

now strange

convoluted beautiful artworks

sharing intimate embraces

Memories of a friend never forgotten

Mural painted on hospice wall


Once again

I feel your presence

a vibrant personality


creating another character

impersonating the lead

from a best selling novel


masquerading with symbols and lettered monogram

treading the boards

in flamboyant costume dress

reproducing a travesty


a grotesque representation of another life

a perversion exaggerated

for the created audience

the ending


a farewell

always returning

with no regrets

just dissatisfaction

and self-accusation

at being drawn into role playing


when questioned


keeping secrets hidden

between clouds

in nonfictional memories