Stones at the door


Rosebud foreshore, Victoria, Australia


Infinite wisdom

or gathered insight

from previous wars

materialize while trying to lead the legion onwards


With a poisonous collective intelligence

conscious reasoning holds the fear inside

‘Is it all real”


Needing a place to hide

from a lost home

you’ve been watching for the fall

never quite there

even though you have walked your made up lies

draining strength from broken anatomy


Hearts kept in glass



Nights pass where you hide within the dark

and stones are placed at the door

No way out


The struggle to make it work within collapsing walls

may take a hundred years or more


Ghosts of past regrets and closet secrets

reappear as the flames rise

keeping guard until the night takes over

Darkness fills the emptiness

until the director calls



Light, shade, dark


Worthy opponents in life

trying to resist the hurdles that were placed before us

choosing crossroad opposites whenever possible


We are all contenders in a contest that never ends

Until we follow the Light, shade, dark


A single element in the matrix becomes a game changer

We are all born soldiers,

born to die

Taught to fight for survival as we enter the light of day

Then the matrix begins, rows upon rows of decisions

defining whether you stand alone

or  look for support in stagnated buildings searching for answers


Look outside beyond the constricted boundaries and see that life leads to life to death


What will you take with you

Will you decide in time




Lake Burley Griffin Canberra, Australia 2019



for failure to commit to irrational control

Waxed alien figures testified to the board

 with words of clear intent

False evidence justified

Condemnation and discontent enforced

by needlessly enforced rules

Unwanted flesh and bones

walk a created desolated path

Weeping whispers

linger amidst fallen ash

The real criminal

stands before a burdened flock

with company stakeholders

tracking the flock as they bend

Desolate spectators beyond the walls assemble

listening as power lines grow

within the shaded walls

A wielded axe clears the way

in order to obtain  intended targets

Heads bow

not out of respect

but from admission of defeat

Silence enfolds the crowd

 Fallen angels

cloaked in the Raven’s obsidian plumage

release sombre calls

through the dead wood.


The not so perfect


wanted desirable form, symmetry or faultless quality

Rejected without exception

IMG 4 _0613



With continued separation from the untouchable elite

The beautiful that become admired



due to defects

beyond control


Changing patterns

A type of metamorphosis

Alpha rhythms will begin to enlighten unseen pathways

Fallen leaves now scattered across parched ground

from once beautiful trees full of life

that are now empty and dry

can start the new beginning

of constant challenges

until not a single life is characteristically different

Leaving for Siberia

Clouds IMG_20160515_082113.jpg

“For a friend”

The coming  mindful winter

brought on due to

circumstances at a point in time

offers a solitary existence

where peace can be restored

Thoughts of Siberia

bring clarity

from sensory overload

Where natures voice projects hypnotic sound waves

in a place of exile

The vast canvas becomes imbued with pale colours

as the wave reaches the summit

Self imposed


creates a block out from past events

The mind exists in another dimension

Oblivion becomes the saviour

The deceitful passenger


Foreboding premonitions

pass like shadows on cloudy days



The  protected passenger forces surrender

to sombre thoughts


the helpless

who are without strength to ward against alarming  threats


The deceitful life led as an incubus

allowed for safe passage within worlds of deceit

building internal nightmares

that never reached conclusion

with death reaching out a hand



The noose finally set

when courage took control

narrowing the margin

until the truth handicapped the ability to hide




Forgotten in the folds of time

Old homestead 2018

Regeneration after the decline


Compliant figures leave dissatisfied

intimate voices receding

Into silence

as the rust attracts power


Containment was impossible whilst greed

controlled the minds

of constitutional beliefs


The burning

like a candle at both ends

arranged no compromise


Extermination continued

with an inevitable consequence